6 Reasons to Look into Summer Learning Opportunities for your Student



1.  Retain information they have previously learned

According to multiple studies, students lose anywhere from one to three months of learning each summer. By pursuing continued learning opportunities, students can keep their minds active and engaged until the next semester begins.


2.  Prepare for the new information they will be learning next year

In addition to maintaining their previous knowledge, working with an individual tutor or studying in a classroom setting can prepare your children for the coming year. Getting ahead with their learning means they will have more time to enjoy other aspects of school such as friendships, extracurriculars, or athletic opportunities.


3.  Ease the stress for the upcoming year

Being ahead on their learning and staying accustomed to a learning environment means that they will avoid the shock of being thrown back into school in the fall. Eliminating the summer slump will improve their overall mental health and keep the status quo fairly stable from year to year.


4.  Fill in the gaps from material they might have missed, especially if changing schools

Changing schools can mean different curriculums. Getting a local tutor can help your student get up to speed with the local education system to ensure that they are not behind on the first day of class


5.  Prepare for standardized tests

Having ACT and SATs means more work for students on top of their already heavy workload. There’s no better time to start test preparation than during the low-stress period of summer. There are many fantastic facilities and companies in the Atlanta area. To take a look at their offerings and compare their services, click on this link.


6.  Opportunity to learn a new skill

There are other ways to keep your child’s mind engaged over the summer that do not involve hard academics. Atlanta is filled with opportunities and classes to learn about art, music, or performing and visual arts.

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