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Customers waste time sifting through different websites in search of the company information they care about. FetchMi cards remove the fluff to provide the objective information you seek in a standardized easy-to-read format.

What Is FetchMi?

FetchMi is a one-stop-shopping service platform to connect people to different service providers. We have partnered with 2,000 online and Atlanta local companies to provide objective and important information.

Who Are We?

We are a passionate group of individuals who want to change the way people interact with service providers and empower small, medium sized service businesses. Learn more here.

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Every week we feature an article from an array of topics ranging from great service companies to our own experiences at FetchMi. Check out our blog here.

FetchMi generates over $10,000 for Atlanta storage companies in 2 weeks

Over the span of two weeks, the FetchMi team initiated a pilot program to assist students in finding and booking public storage units which facilitated over $10,000 in transactions.

Learning A Foreign Language? Look No Further.

Learning a foreign language allows one to become a global citizen who can connect with people from different cultures. The globalized world makes knowledge of a foreign language as important as ever. Being multilingual opens up personal and professional opportunities, allowing people to live abroad and travel seamlessly. FetchMi, a one-stop-shopping platform for online and local services, has compiled a platform of online and in-person resources that can help people master new languages. Check out for more information!

Top Rated Sites To Help You With Student Loans

The rising cost of higher education places an incredible burden on families across the country. While financial aid is available from individual schools and from the federal government, many still struggle to afford tuition. Thus, many students turn to student loan lenders for help. FetchMi, a one-stop-shopping platform for local and online services has compiled excellent resources to help students find and compare different student loan options. Check out to learn more about student loan options.